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Applause Limousine

a subsidiary of 500 Industries, LLC

Terms of Service

1. The client agrees to credit card authorizations & charges made by Applause Limousine, a subsidiary of 500 Industries, LLC, and/or affiliate booked respectively, for the contracted amount & for any additional time/services . The client has reviewed & approves the manifest. Changes and cancellations are not accepted via email or fax; please call with all notifications. 2. CANCELLATION POLICY - charges will be made as follows: NON refundable 20% of the contracted amount for all cancellations; and, amount in full for airport transfers cancelled within 72 hrs or less, and for Charters cancelled within 14 days or less. 3. Cash paid reservations are to be paid in full to the driver at the first pick up before the vehicle is in motion. 4. Overtime pay will apply after first 15 minutes of prearranged time listed on trip sheet; anytime thereafter, airport transfers will be charged $1/minute, and, Charters will be charged the hourly rate (& ea. add. hr). 5. Applause Limousine, a subsidiary of 500 Industries, LLC, is not accountable for items left in vehicle, not liable in the event of mechanical breakdown; only for making up balance of contracted time at mutually agreed date, not responsible for delays or termination caused by unsafe road conditions (ie. accidents, traffic, etc.), or losses due to acts of God. 6. The client assumes full financial liability for any damage to the limousine caused during the rental duration by him-/herself & any member of his/her party. Exterior car damage $1500 minimum; interior damage $500 minimum ("damages" include but are not limited to spilling, vomiting, bodily fluids, broken amenities/equipment, etc; & loss of revenue.) Sanitation fee is $500 minimum. If the estimate of the damages is more, the client agrees to the charges. 7. Alcohol consumption (by persons 21 years & under), drug use, standing through sunroof, hanging out of window, & loading vehicles beyond seating capacity is unlawful. Seat belts must be worn at all times. Any fines will be paid for by the customer. Eating, smoking, drug use, sexual intercourse, &/or weapons are strictly prohibited in our limousines.

8. We reserve the right to refuse service & terminate a charter without refund. 9. Applause Limousine, a subsidiary of 500 Industries, LLC, reserves the right to substitute a scheduled vehicle for another equivalent vehicle if such case should arise. 10. If the client has any issues during a ride booked with Applause Limousine, a subsidiary of 500 Industries, LLC, he/she accepts responsibility to resolve with Applause Limousine, a subsidiary of 500 Industries, LLC, owner before the end of the ride. 11. If the client or anyone in his/her party should default on any of the above terms and conditions, the rental will be terminated & the full contracted costs will be due. The client takes full responsibility for any attorney or collection fees needed to recover damages caused. 12. The client & all persons in the party understand and agree to these terms.